The wonderful, pseudo-intellectual, techno babble of one Luis Naranjo, and his many creations via the conduit known as ParallaxScroll.

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New York trip


Anime Expo Day 1 Outfit!


Anime Expo Day 1 Outfit!

My love and I

My love and I

An Interim (made with Nintendo 3DS)

My new sounds:

Strange postings in a forum, 2011

Gravitating towards oxygen is the American way.

Round-nosed son of a fucking bitch.

Snot Dealing Escapades function better than Charlie could’ve imagined.
Dear middle-aged Charlie, your Porsché is blocking my driveway

"If I’m dumb enough to click the link, I’ll have to be quick enough to change my password."-facebookers

An erudite Charlie, fresh out of University, gets duped into trading his Degree for a box of Magic: The Gathering cards. Charlie looks at his stash and quietly whispers to himself, in a gleeful way “It was all worth it. I’d do it again if given the chance.”
Mid 20’s Charlie, holding his brother’s wedding ring in the palm of his hand, being the best man, realizes then that he never wants to see any of these people again, and takes a train the next morning to Berkeley with the idea that he’s going to go to University. He’ll be the first in his family to attend.
5 year old Charlie, stares at his Fathers gift to his Mother, a bouquet of Flowers. He decides to walk closer and smell them. He is allergic. So says the Autobiography of Charlie.
Charlie has heard much about a singing rodent that peddles pizza to young children, tempting them into his house with video games and other vague games of bygone eras. He is not alone.

Charlie looks not but a day over 30 on this day.

"Extrapolating applicant references from a divined, jocular levitating machine is rarely, if ever, a pleasurable occurrence."-Luis Naranjo.

A Milquetoast standing on the Sun
A noiseless mirror sits in an empty, well lit room
Sleep deprived teen Charlie sleeps through his first day.
Bliss for dying Charlie as he watches his fortune burn.

Plastic Demigod with gilded stern.

Fornicating dramatists attract one another in an endless crescendo for rubberneckers.

Venomous Pilgrims
Indian Deaths
Turkey Deaths
Fuck Shit
While Fucking
Shit Up